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Sida – Liberian Swedish Feeder Road Project (LSFRP I & II: 2011-2016)

LIDA worked with the project in mobilizing, training and supervising community groups to provide labor in the rehabilitation and maintenance of feeder roads in Bong, Lofa and Nimba Counties. LIDA worked directly with respective project engineers and Ministry of Public Works resident engineers to provide coaching and mentoring for the further strengthening of community labor gangs as part of ongoing capacity enhancement for ensuring success.


LIDA is currently engaged with the LSFRP 3 (since 2019) both in the planning and delivery of routine maintenance services and stage 2 piloting of off-road village access improvement (up grading of footpath to narrow gauge motor cycle tracks), both utilizing community driven approaches. Stage 1 of the up grading of foot path to tracks was initiated 2016, supported by GIZ and study conducted by the Swansea University with support from LIDA.


Additionally, LIDA is providing mentorship support to relevant counties in the South-east, following a successful pilot in the North-central region (2020). The mentorship focuses on transfer of skills, knowledge and best practices to respective counties administrations in the planning and management of routine maintenance contracts undertaken by CBO.


Year: 2011 – 2016

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